About Us

Established in 1995, Wasteland Wholesale Plumbing Supply has built a reputation as a trusted distributor of innovative and high quality products to Plumbing and Bathroom Merchants throughout NSW and Victoria. The business was founded by Tim Lucas who pioneered floor waste “leak control” solutions and is known as the inventor of numerous products to overcome the frustrations of tradespeople.

Wasteland is a service driven, highly reliable distributor of art and bounty products to plumbing and bathroom industry.

Proudly offering the full range of Art Plastics and Bounty Brassware products, Wasteland Wholesale Plumbing Supply has the latest in Floor Wastes, Plug & Wastes, Plumbing and Stormwater Fittings. Amongst our array of products, Wasteland offers the Bermuda Tile Insert Floor Wastes as the flagship of the range. Bringing subtlety and beauty to every bathroom, the patented Bermuda design has water simply disappearing before your eyes. A full range of 316 Stainless Steel and “Classic” floor wastes are also available.

Wasteland Wholesale Plumbing Supply continually strives to provide the highest quality of products and service to our customers. Our commitment to you, as our valued customer is that we will not compete with you by selling directly to tradespeople or the end user. We work hard to support all of our merchants and look forward to your ongoing support.